We Transform Your Vision into Creative Results

Our team of strategic thinkers and creative designers has the tools and expertise needed to help tell your story and give you the best of outfit.

We enable you to concentrate

On your core business while we are delivering excellence for your business in media, marketing and sales.


We are already emotionally connected to your business the moment we got the privilege to serve you.

Challenges are our fuel

We are not here to do normal things

It’s your business

But we put it on our head… that’s how we work.

Digital Solutions
Boost your Success

We go above and beyond by delivering incredible values and exceptional service

Our story

We’ve never being more concerns with anyone’s vision until we know how important it is.

The pain and hassle of starting a business or pursuing a particular vision is not as difficult as achieving success and see it growing

These are what made us dedicate our life, expertise, creatives and experiences as a team to strategise and help, individuals, businesses and organisation to achieve that which they wish and working for


Happy Clients
Jobs done
Amazing Team

Our Departments

We are very lucky to have an amazing team that is dedicated to helping businesses grow


The wow crew is our team of creative intellectuals, designers, strategists, branding experts, editors and thinkers with sole dedication to planning and strategies of powering client business with cutting edge solution and delivery of wow experience The Wow crew is a full service ready to take clients business to becoming leader in their industry and ready to take on challenges anytime.


This country is a given, the competition is not with the country rivals, we are not here to compete we are here to dominate the world: WAOWX work with corporate brands to manage social platforms engagement, increase mind share and market share here and to other countries, designs, event planning, media productions, customers acquisition and growth with overall result of enlarging coast and being more profitable.


Want to double your sales?, want to pull attention?, Want to enlarge your market?, Want to bridge some gaps in your sales? … Just leave it for the SALESMECHANISM Can’t say more than that.


Cignature has got your organization event, business event, marriage, seminar, church service, conference, printable, videos, animations, photography, live coverage, souvenir design and production, music video production.
Cig is our full service of professionals and passionate individuals eagerly waiting to serve you and tell your stories with enthusiasm, not only by delivering service but history


Is our service to government officials, office holders, Political aspirants/candidates, Federal, state and local government houses, Ministries to help better serve the people, tell their impacts and stories, branding, street activation, winning strategies researches, social media platform engagement and management.


We create engaging content that drives more souls to the church, we reveal the church to larger audience.
We work with faith based organizations to deliver excellent services to their organization with their weekly services, events, conference, social media engagement management, publicity driving towards event, mobilization, conversation management, photography, graphic design, special project management, video documentary, visual coverage, we work with faith base organization to pass their messages well to without being misunderstood.


We work with small and medium scale businesses (SMEs) with vision to grow, expand and compete on a world scale. We help develop exceptional market entry and winning strategies, customers’ acquisition, complete branding package, advert management, consultancy, increase customer base, customer retention strategies, increase mind and market share to enable them reach larger audience within short period of time.


Designing premier luxury wears for public figures, celebrities, politicians with soothing creativity that speaks royalty and distinction. We connect strategy with creativity so that your boutique brand can flourish. Our experts design special label and beautiful fashion line that excite and gain easy acceptance into the market for boutiques so they can dominate the market while they are growing their empire.

Market Research
Get it right… Plan first it pays.

Every dime spent on marketing is suppose to have impact. Let’s do this together


Media - Photo, Video &Animation

Let your Sound and brilliancy be heard and seen. We create the memory using the best fit of approach that controls attention.

web services

Web Services

Your business’ primary point of contact and base of information online is your website and visitors experience matters.

digital marketing

Digital marketing


Credible and highly recommended “Hours spent on social media by people has shown a great potential for huge opportunity for brands”.

Content Marketing

Content is King.

To grab attentions of prospective customers, the art and science of writing words, Ads, promotional material, copies etc.is a neccessity that sell your products and services

fashion branding

Fashion Branding

You need voice in this world of high brand competition to stand out from the rest, we also know that what is shown forth to represent the organization also speaks lot.


Graphic Design and Branding

Come to think of it, everything that attracts people to your products, the things that make them stop to take a look at your website or even watch your videos is VISUAL APPEAL.


Media Buying/SEO & SEM

We do not only design messages but we also continuously monitor all the placement, and make adjustment where necessary to ensure you get the best value and maximize reach for your messages.