Seven Ways Ways To Grow Your Business FAST

Today, I’d like to give you 7 ways to help you meet your business goals and help you grow your business fast. – With this you will be able to reduce your “NO” rate —- and if you do it well … you can remove the NO.

  • Get focused on your target market. A lot of businesses waste a ton of money on advertising because they haven’t spent enough time choosing the right market for their products and services. Get clear about who your audience is. Once you do this, you’ll cut your waste to zero and start getting maximum results from all your marketing.

Let me tell you what targeting the general public look like. A paint production businessman was on an airplane with 5000 copies of his business flyers, then just when the plane was already on the air he sprays all the flyers hoping that people will pick it up and contact him to buy paints. To his amazement nobody contacted him and he concluded flyers ads don’t work not knowing that he’s the cause of his misfortune. Spraying the 5000 flyers will only get him about one or two customers if he’s lucky at all because among those who will pick are the children who have no house or buying decision, among them are roadside hawkers who do not have enough to afford what he’s selling, among are students who don’t even care about paint making.

YOU are the businessman in the above example if you are targeting everybody to patronize you, remember not just because everybody has legs mean that they’ll all need your brand of shoes. 

  • Fine-tune your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). If you are still competing with other businesses, then your USP needs work. Create a USP that makes your business clear and the only choice for your customers. This will encapsulate what you are selling and remember what you are selling is not the product but a solution, a guarantee, a promise. This is your weapon

E.g. people selling medicines are selling better living, better health.

Remember the product of ShopRite is not what you are buying inside the shop but the way you “feel good” – the experience of buying from ShopRite. So what do you want your customers to feel? What do you want them to buy? 

  • Sell packages. When you take a bunch of things you are already selling and create a package with a compelling price, you can often make a lot more money. The sales funnel strategy below will help you get this done… keep reading

Haven’t you heard that the difference between Mama Put and Mr. Biggs/KFC is the packaging?

  • Offer more ‘done for you’ products. People want more “done for you” offers. They are increasingly more appealing. And they are willing to pay just to get it done. What ‘done for you’ package(s) can you offer your customers?

This is for you to think about, for us our done for you are Writing for you the success guaranteed business plan, Sales assured and attention-grabbing websites at a very affordable price, we even develop the winning features of your products and sales copies for you, The big one you will like is Ou done for you Video Advert which we do from the scriptwriting, getting casts, shooting, editing and even the promotion.

  • Sell to groups. We have talked about the idea of selling to groups from the stage, through teleseminars, webinars, and so on, instead of one to one. When you get good at selling to groups you can make significantly more per hour. 

Imagine selling to all company staffs through the CEO or manager, imagine selling to all students through the teacher or Principal, Imagine selling to Association/group/ club via the Excos.

We’ve done this and it is one of the best ways to get more done with less stress

  • Get better at email marketing. Competition for attention in your email inbox is at an all-time high. Too many business owners are sloppy and don’t give enough care to creating good, relevant, compelling messages—consistently. Learn the fundamentals of crafting a compelling message and resist the temptation to just whip something up and get it out. Poor email messages will alienate your list—sometimes permanently. While a consistent compelling message will get them opening, clicking, and buying.

You can contact us to undergo our course on getting 10X results with email marketing to send a mail to now. Did you know email marketing is the cheapest, easiest and most reliable form of getting the best out of marketing? Simply put, it brings in more money for you than others

  • Round up your lost customers. You might be surprised how many of your customers have “gone missing”. They will be happy you remember them and many will be eager to come back. This is an immediate solution to bring an instant flow of cash into your business.

Doing one of these things will increase your income. Doing all of them could make a tremendous impact. Pick one or two to start and once you’ve implemented them, move on to another one (or two) on the list.

Last and best


Oftentimes business owners and marketers miss it, they usually use social media and instant messaging apps to push their products on everyone’s faces forgetting that those people only come online for other things different from buying. But I’m also sure you’ve to see some adverts telling you to learn more, some telling you to download free material, to watch a free video and many more and they end up giving you something that makes you buy.

What do they do? They established a relationship with you through a funnel and you end up buying… it is very wrong for you to be pushing products to people’s faces all the time… there are better ways to get sales with less stress and with better turn over. It is called SALES FUNNEL

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