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We go extra mile not to only make upgrading changes to clients but we bring in revolutionary changes.

Market Research
Get it right… Plan first it pays.

Every dime spent on marketing is suppose to have impact. Let’s do this together


Media - Photo, Video &Animation

Let your Sound and brilliancy be heard and seen. We create the memory using the best fit of approach that controls attention.

web services

Web Services

Your business’ primary point of contact and base of information online is your website and visitors experience matters.

digital marketing

Digital marketing


Credible and highly recommended “Hours spent on social media by people has shown a great potential for huge opportunity for brands”.

Content Marketing

Content is King.

To grab attentions of prospective customers, the art and science of writing words, Ads, promotional material, copies etc.is a neccessity that sell your products and services

fashion branding

Fashion Branding

You need voice in this world of high brand competition to stand out from the rest, we also know that what is shown forth to represent the organization also speaks lot.


Graphic Design and Branding

Come to think of it, everything that attracts people to your products, the things that make them stop to take a look at your website or even watch your videos is VISUAL APPEAL.


Media Buying/SEO & SEM

We do not only design messages but we also continuously monitor all the placement, and make adjustment where necessary to ensure you get the best value and maximize reach for your messages.


We take inspiration from what you stand for, your vision plus a touch of excellent actions to your enhance bottom-lines and make you lead in your industry

planet of innovation

If you’re looking for a team of strategic thinkers with the tools to tell consistent, cohesive campaigns across all platforms, we are happy to tell you that you are at the right place.

Time is money

No matter the audience, brand or niche we understand how they think, what to serve and how to reach them. From our largest campaign to our smallest projects, we strive to inject creativity that delivers the WAOW eXperience in ways that gives prestige.

positioning is everything

We know how to position your brand as the king over others and as friend that everyone want to be with

people talk

Hold on, chillax! We’re not trying to sell you on our services. Instead, here are some dudes that will do the hard work for us.

Mr Victor Oyegoke - Thanks to you and all your team members, you guys live up-to your name. Well done, keep it up. It is really a WAOW Experience that you gave us
MR Victor oyegoke
President - Cooperatives Rating and Award Society of Nigeria
WaowX is a company that I knew not far long but has treated me as if I have been in there family for long,the way they handles projects is the type that gives clients comfort and relaxation. I enjoy working with waowX and I wish I had known them before now
John Ebuka
Content Manager - FOCUSWORLD
WaowX offers exceptional customer services... I look no where else apart from WaowX services
Michael King

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