Cash, checks, transfers, credit alerts filling your account Day-in, Day-out, whether you are in the pool hanging out with friends, or in your room, or the shower. It doesn’t matter because your partnership is gushin’ in the money no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Here is the awesome part: by the end of the month, if you’ve moved just two deals in a week to end, you will earn nothing less than N200,000.

Now if all of this sounds good to you, you must read on because your finance, your money life is about to change completely for the better.



Dear Friend,

If you’ve been looking for a way frequent and easy way to get into a highly profitable home-based online business that you can run by setting your own time depending on how bad you needed money. This page will tell you all about WAOW-X AREA PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM (WAPP)

Imagine instead of waking up on Mondays to catch up with a cab to work, you just pick up your phone/Laptop to send an irresistible proposal to a respectable organization then sit back and wait for their whole office to be calling you, or if by chance they’ve not read it and the second day you call for them to check and you move the conversation forward?… then at a point you just transfer them to an assistant in WAOW-X then the deal is seal and you receive an alert. (That’s all)

For most people, it is not about the big income BUT the LIFESTYLE of a boss, not being a slave that is being ordered around by anybody, being able to choose the time you work and how you work while still being part of a reputable organization like WAOW-X.


WAPP is an acronym for WAOW-X AREA PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM: an initiative of WAOW-eXperience Group, to provide money-making and deals making experience opportunity for anyone that believes he/she is special enough to not be a slave tied down by anybody. WAPP has presented an opportunity for you to work remotely from anywhere in the world and make money online partnering with WAOW-X.

And If you are like every other smart person that I know, I believe what will be running through your mind now is that now I know what WAPP is but:

  • How much is my partnership profit on every deal and when will I get it?
  • What are these hot and irresistible services that the market can’t do without?
  • Where do I get them?
  • Where do I find this organization I will send proposals to, how do I get their contacts without leaving my room?
  • How do I reach them and where do I get the proposals to send to them and what will I tell them on the phone?


  1. How much is my partnership profit on every deal and when will I get it?

Your partnership profit shall be 30% on every deal you push. That’s big right! we know but remember you are our partner and you have the right to earn big.

Let’s say a deal is N300k total package which is even small and your 30% partnership profit will be 90K remember you are not the one doing the job or running up and down (that’s WOW crew headache), you wouldn’t have to leave your room at all.

b. When will I get the profit?

You will get your money the moment the client pays the advance. We don’t wait until the job is done before you get a credit alert.

2. What are these hot and irresistible services that the market can’t do without?

These services are the secret of WAOW-X to deliver the matchless happiness to customers/clients in various ways which have below titles:

3. Where do I get these services?

You are not to get these services, what you are to do is to get clients for these services through the proposals, letters we are going to provide for you. Oh before I forget, we are also going to provide some links that will give you ideas on where you will be getting these clients from.

4. What are the other ways I can find these individuals and organizations? Also, how do I get their contacts without leaving my room?

Basically, you have contacts, networks, and social media, internet and we are also going to be giving you insights as to where you will get these contacts, and even provide you with some direct contacts such as emails, phone, weblinks and social media handles. Whenever you got stocked you or need a quick response, you can reach out to +234902 301 5999 or for ideas and solutions.

5. What do I send these prospective clients and where do I send it to

WAOW-X has packaged it for you in the most suitable ways as you will love it.

We’ve packaged our winning, letters, strategies, email notes and the rest, we will let you in after your registration, selection processes, and induction.

We are ready to let you IN and the only thing delaying you from getting 30% of every deal pushed by you, is that you’ve not registered.

6. How do I reach them and where do I get the proposal and what to tell them on the phone.

Yes, how you will reach them is via emails, WhatsApp, social media and phone contacts, luckily you might meet some people at some of the events you attend but we are not planning to stress you, just do your bit online – and I can assure you that we know those that need our service and the time they need it. And that’s the same thing we are going to show you so that you don’t reach out to the wrong people that don’t need it or don’t have money to pay.

Where do you get the proposals? – WAOW-X proposals experts shall supply you with your own direct proposals and an official email address to use when reaching out.


SIMPLE! Register now by filling the form in the link below and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible.

Please note that we will close this registration portal as soon as possible because we have a limit of partners we want to take.